Healthier Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread (So Good!)

By |September 30, 2013|

People, I’m telling you, this stuff is good.  Seriously, if you like pumpkin bread, you have to try this!  I have modified the original […]

Easy No-Sew DIY Minion Costumes

By |September 22, 2013|

This Halloween costume idea is simply genius.  I can say that because I didn’t come up with it; my super-creative friend did!  Last fall, […]

I Can Feel It Happening – My Daughter is Slipping Away

By |September 16, 2013|

This summer I found myself watching my kids… really seeing them for the first time in a while. I was caught off guard by […]

Father’s Day Secret Footprints and Poem

By |June 13, 2013|

Father’s Day is almost here, and many of us are trying to come up with creative ways to make the dads in our life […]

Fun Photo Bookmarks: Kids Hanging On

By |June 10, 2013|

I think this idea to make photo bookmarks is so fun! I first saw it here where the kids were made to look like they […]

125 Family & Sibling Photos: Posing Ideas & Inspiration

By |May 30, 2013|

Well, Memorial Day has come and gone; we’ve power-washed our deck; and we’ve had our first s’mores of the season.  It’s official–summer is here […]

Best Ever, Hands Down! Easy DIY Gift Idea

By |May 6, 2013|

I think this is such a fun, simple idea!  Using the wording “Best _____ Ever… Hands Down!” works for anybody!  I actually made this […]

Custom Photo Cards! Who Says They’re Just for Christmas?

By |April 28, 2013|

Nowadays, I think most of us use pictures in our holiday cards.  Some people still print their photos and then insert them in their […]

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    50 Gift Ideas for the Ladies in Your Life: Perfect for Mother’s Day!

50 Gift Ideas for the Ladies in Your Life: Perfect for Mother’s Day!

By |April 25, 2013|

Mother’s Day is just over two weeks away already–how did that happen?!  I am still getting used to writing “2013” on my checks (not […]

First Birthday Party Ideas, Details & Decorations

By |April 18, 2013|

My youngest of four girls just turned one–sniff!  I can’t believe I will never have another first birthday party to throw!  With this being […]

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    Baby’s First Year Photo Book: A Special First Birthday Gift for Your Child

Baby’s First Year Photo Book: A Special First Birthday Gift for Your Child

By |April 10, 2013|

I am so excited to share this idea with you!!  When I first started taking these pictures of my daughter each month, I really […]

First Year Baby Pictures: Show Scale Each Month

By |April 9, 2013|

This post has been a year in the making!  I started taking these pictures six months before I even had this blog… I first […]

Bake in Cans for Cute Gifts

By |April 5, 2013|

I have always been obsessed with reusing things–and since I started this blog, my desire to find new purposes for basic items has gone […]

Don’t Be a Hater: Support Your Fellow Women

By |March 26, 2013|

Please note: this post was written before I moved my blog to WordPress. The comments I reference in the post are no longer found […]

Easy Polka Dot Cake & Cupcakes

By |March 22, 2013|

This little cake and cupcakes were so easy, but they look pretty darn impressive, if I do say so myself!  :)  I whipped them […]

First Birthday Smash Cake Fun

By |March 12, 2013|

There is something so special about watching a baby taste cake (or even sugar) for the first time.  You always imagine them diving into […]