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You can find “popular” posts in my right sidebar, but I also wanted to share some of my personal favorites here.  When you stumble on a new site, I think it can be hard to really find the “gems” among all the content.  While I hope there’s value in every single post, there are a few that are extra special to me.

Some of my favorites are listed below…



10 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE YOUR CHILD STARTS KINDERGARTEN (THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ACADEMICS):  When I wrote this post, I was hoping that it would be helpful, but I must say that I was very surprised by how much attention this one got.  Apparently readers found value in these tips, and they began sharing the post with their friends (thank you!).  If you have young kids, I think it’s worth the read!

DOORKNOB MAILBOXES MAKE LEARNING TO READ FUN!  This idea came to be after my daughter brought her paper plate mailbox home after her Valentine’s Day party at preschool.  We hung it on her door, and I started leaving her notes at night.  She loved getting “mail” each morning, and it helped her learn to read along the way!

BABY’S FIRST YEAR PHOTO BOOK:  I took a picture of my daughter every month during her first year on the same day.  I had her next to a stuffed bear so there was some frame of reference as she grew and changed.  At the end of the year, I created a simple photo book with highlights from that month, and then I gave her the book as a special first birthday keepsake gift.  This is a great alternative for those parents who simply would never take the time to fill out a baby book!



LITTLE JAR OF HAPPINESS:  This idea is so simple, but it’s one that I really love.  You fill a jar with little notes of all the good things that happen throughout the year, and then on New Year’s Eve, the whole family sits together and you read through that year’s wonderful memories.  Even though each year will surely have low points and struggles, this is a great way to teach your children to focus on the good in life.

BABY NAME REVEAL SCAVENGER HUNT:  I love “moments”, so when our fourth daughter was born, I wanted to reveal her name to her three older sisters in a special way.  This post details the scavenger hunt I sent them on while we were still at the hospital.  It created a very special memory that I know my oldest daughters will keep with them forever.

HALLOWEEN BOO-ING:  This is one of the first posts I ever wrote.  This is something our family enjoys doing together every October, and we love seeing the Halloween spirit spreading throughout our neighborhood!



DON’T BE A HATER:  SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW WOMEN:  After a reader attacked my personal choice to stay at home to raise my four girls despite my Harvard degree, I wrote this post.  The whole thing (her comments and my post) caused quite a stir at the time.  I suddenly found myself receiving email from women all over the world who considered me to be a voice for educated women who have chosen to live the domestic life.  This post will give you a better sense of the “real me”, and I hope it makes every woman pause for a moment or two while reading it.

I CAN FEEL IT HAPPENING:  After my daughter (10) broke her arm and I found myself giving her baths, tying her shoes, and helping her get dressed again, this post came pouring from my heart.  In that moment, I realized how fast time had flown, without me even realizing it.  Where did my baby go?  This post is a reminder for all parents to make the moments count.



100 PHOTOS TO INSPIRE YOUR HOLIDAY CARDS :  This post was written after I had only been blogging for a few weeks, and I couldn’t believe it when it went viral immediately!  Check it out if you are looking for inspiration for your holiday cards or for your next family photo session.

125+ FAMILY & SIBLING PHOTOS:  POSING IDEAS & INSPIRATION:  Like the post above with the holiday photos, this post will also give you countless ideas for family pictures!  Scenery, clothing, poses, tips, and more…



100+ IDEAS TO HELP ORGANIZE YOUR HOME AND YOUR LIFE:  This post is easily the most popular post on my site.  It has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, and it took me two months to write it.  (Keep in mind that these are not all my pictures–there is no way I’m this organized.  I’m sharing IDEAS, people!)  :)  If you are looking for ways to help you finally get organized, this post is for you!!  It will soon be available as an eBook.

30 TIPS TO HELP KEEP YOUR LAUNDRY FROM MAKING YOU CRAZY:  I like efficiency, so this post was written after 10+ years of fine-tuning my laundry system!  These tips help me save time and get the laundry done without hating it too much!

EASY-TO-HANG WALL GALLERY:  In this post, I show you how I had some canvases made from family photos, and then I hung them all the first time around without having to move a single nail.  It makes me happy every time I walk past our new collection of pictures!



100 BOOKS FOR ALL AGES:  GIFTS GALORE!  We love (!) books in this house, and I think a book is always the perfect gift!  With the help of friends and family, I put together this list of book recommendations for all ages and genders.  I included some comments to help you decide if each book might be a good fit for you or the recipient.

50 GIFT IDEAS FOR THE LADIES IN YOUR LIFE:  I wrote this post around Mother’s Day, but the gift ideas work all year long!  Lots of photo gifts, unique ideas, and personalized items for your mom, sisters, mother-in-law, etc.!



HEALTHY PUMPKIN BARS:  I received this recipe from my aunt, but then I modified it to make it healthier.  There is NO oil added (I use applesauce).  These are always a huge hit!!  We had a “taste test” once at Thanksgiving between the original version and the healthier version–the healthy bars won in a landslide!

CROCKPOT CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP:  This is the best chicken noodle soup you will ever have.  Seriously, this stuff is good!  It’s hearty and filling, and it makes the house smell so good all day long while it cooks!

TORTELLINI SOUP:  I make this soup all the time!  It is so easy, it’s healthy, and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare.  Tough to beat that.  My kids absolutely love it.  We think it tastes like a “restaurant soup”!


I hope the above guide helps you get started as you look around here!  Please continue to explore my site to discover other posts that might interest you as well!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m so glad you stopped by!

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