As the mom of four daughters, I know girl stuff. So if you are in need of gift ideas that a teen (or preteen girl) will love, you’re in luck! My girls are currently 16, almost 14, 11, and 6. My oldest daughters helped me write this post. We have suggested everything from “big ticket items” to small add-on gifts/stocking stuffers. I hope it helps guide you this holiday season!

Happy shopping! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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Click each picture below to find where that item is available for purchase.

1. Vera Bradley Duffel Bag – click here to find it

These Vera Bradley duffel bags are my #1 gift idea, not only because girls will love them but because you will, too! As the mom of four daughters, I love that each daughter’s bag is unique so they can easily tell them apart. (There are tons of fabric options to choose from as you will see here. I also love these solid duffels that you can personalize with a monogram!) These duffels are also the perfect size for sleepovers and weekend getaways. You can fit a lot in them and yet they squish down to make it easy to pack the car.

And if you’re a minivan-driving mama like I am, you will REALLY love these bags if your car has that awesome hidden storage area in the floor. You can fit FOUR FULL DUFFELS just like these in the floor of your car. This has been huge for us since it frees up the entire back of the car. We once drove 40+ hours on a summer driving trip (along with a four-month-old puppy who was in her crate in the back of the car), and we didn’t even use a car topper! With our girls’ luggage all fitting in the floor as shown below, we had plenty of room in the back for everything else.

2. Vera Bradley Throw Blanket – click here to find it

These throw blankets are another go-to gift that we love to give. Our girls all have different blankets in various patterns. They use them in their bedrooms, and then they like to bring them down to the couch when we watch TV/movies. They are so cozy and soft!

3. UE Boom Speaker – click here to find it

Our girls (and the grandparents!) got these UE Boom Speakers for Christmas last year, and they have been awesome. They come in all kinds of fun colors, or you could get a basic white or black as well. They easily sync to a phone or an iPod touch (what my 10-year-old has) and have really good sound. Bonus: they’re even waterproof!

4. Polaroid Camera – click here to find it

Girls love to take pictures! But most of their pictures end up “trapped” on their phones. These polaroid cameras (available in many great colors) are so much fun because they give them pictures immediately to share or display. My girls like to hang the pictures from their cameras all over their walls with painter’s tape. You can even hang the pictures in the shape of a heart or in any type of design. Or hang some type of “cord” across their wall – they can clip the pictures to it with tiny craft clothespins like these. So cute!

The product bundle I linked to below also comes with batteries, a battery charger, film, and a case that fits the camera perfectly. This would make for a really special gift for any girl this Christmas!

For just the camera itself, click here or on the white camera below. Just don’t forget the batteries and the film!

5. Love Your Melon Hat (various styles) – click here to find them

These hats are all the rage. My girls all have them, and I have two myself! Click here to find their website – but know that they sell out very quickly!

This company started in Minnesota where I grew up with the simple idea of putting a hat on the head of every child battling cancer. The company exploded, and now these hats are worn all over the world. Not only does the sale of each hat help in the fight against pediatric cancer, but they are also well-made and super cute! We love ours.

6. Ugg Boots – click here to find them

You can never go wrong with Uggs. Every girl would go crazy to have a pair of “real Uggs.”

Click here to find a cute cableknit style that will fit your preteen (or younger daughter). As you’ll see in this post “What to Wear for Family Pictures: A 10-Step Guide to Looking Great“, even my little one was obsessed with the Uggs she was given as a gift back when she was only two! These are a hit for girls of any age. :)

7. Vineyard Vines shirt – click here to find it

Girls love Vineyard Vines shirts like this! The young girl in your life will love this! Promise. (Note that they tend to run small.)

8. Bag for Toiletries or Cosmetics – click here to find a great one 

My girls each have one of these hanging bags for toiletries. They are great when we travel, and just like with the duffels and blankets we love, each daughter’s design is unique. Depending on your bathroom set-up in your home, perhaps your daughter would keep her items in a bag like this all the time. When she’s getting ready, she could pull it out and hang it up for easy access to what she needs. And then she can close it up and put it away, out of sight, when she’s done.

As teen girls start experimenting with makeup, they need somewhere to keep it. Your daughter might also love a smaller bag, just for makeup – maybe something like this monogrammed cosmetics bag (shown below).

9. Bracelets (Layer Them)

Most girls love bracelets. They love to stack them and wear a whole bunch at one time. Pura Vida bracelets are big right now (like the set shown below).

Alex and Ani bracelets also remain huge! I have a bunch of bangles from Alex and Ani myself. Our favorites are the initial bangles – my girls each have one, and then I wear four at a time, one for each of my four daughters.


Another fun idea is to get them a bracelet subscription where 3 new bracelets (like the ones shown below) arrive in the mail each month. I did this for one daughter’s birthday almost a year ago, and we have kept the subscription going. Honestly, we rarely keep the bracelets – we love having a cute set on hand to give as gifts to our girls’ friends for their birthdays! It’s $14.95/month (bracelets are up to a $50 value each month), and the bracelets they receive are exclusive to the “club.” Click here to read more.

10. Denim Jacket – click here to find it

Denim jackets are always a good add-on for almost any outfit (for us Moms, too!) Find a good one (shown below) here. It’s just the right amount of rugged. 

11 The Selection book series – click here to find it

My older two have read this entire series (they even had me read the first two books), and they absolutely LOVED it. They were about 14 and 12 when they each read it. (My 10-year-old hasn’t read the series yet). It’s almost like a cross between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games.

12. Out of My Mind – click here to find it

This is an amazing book. Perfect for younger kids as well (my 10-year-old loved it!). My older three have all read it, and it’s on my nightstand for me to read next. They said, “Mom, you HAVE TO READ THIS!” :)

13. Anything from Athleta – click here to find it

WE LOVE ATHLETA! My older two girls (ages 15 and almost 13) have been able to wear Athleta’s smallest sizes for a while now, but did you know that they also offer an “Athleta Girl” line (sizes 6-14)?! My younger two can now be sporty in their Athleta gear like their older sisters (and Mom, too!) We are all absolutely obsessed with this store, and their items are of such high-quality that things last and can be passed down among my girls. Mom win for me!

Swell Water Bottle – there is one in the picture below, which is making me think to tell you about those, too! Girls all seem to want those right now. They come in various sizes and colors, and they all like to have them in their lunchboxes. My second daughter specifically asked for this one.

14. Adidas Superstar Sneakers – click here to find them

These sneakers have been big for a while now, and they are still going strong. If the girl in your life doesn’t have these, she would probably love them!

Click here to find smaller sizes for younger kids. I got all four of my daughters these shoes last year (including my then-four-year-old… so cute!!), and they still wear them like crazy.

15. Steve Madden Shoes – click here to find them

These seem to be a “new thing” among the high school girls (in Pittsburgh anyhow!). My freshman daughter tells me that teen girls will be thrilled to receive these.

16. Dry-Bar Flat-Iron – click here to find it

Flat-irons are great for both straightening and curling hair (you just twist the flat-iron to curl). An awesome, high-quality flat-iron in a fun color like this would be something many girls would love, and she would likely use it most every day for years to come (so I think it might be worth the splurge). And you can help her to keep her hair healthy, too, with the heat controls and the smooth glide of this flat-iron so the hair isn’t pulling and tearing. We have this Dry-Bar Flat-Iron, and we absolutely love it!!


If you don’t want to spend that kind of money on a flat iron, this one got great reviews. It’s a fun pink color and is much less expensive. I can’t speak of it personally, but it looks like a great option!


17. Pop Socket – click here to find some

These pop sockets are a fun little add-on gift or stocking stuffer (available in all types of designs). Kids love to attach them to their phone/device.

18. Cell Phone Wallet – click here to find some & here for the Kate Spade one below

The teenagers carry their phones everywhere they go – oftentimes just in their hand or pocket. They can attach a “wallet” like this to their phone to hold some money, an ID card, hotel key, etc. Perfect so they have everything they need in one spot (and hopefully won’t lose it)!How adorable are these Kate Spade “wallets” that stick to the back of your fun?! Love. Find them here.

19. Hoodies – click here to find this one

Hooded sweatshirts are huge these days! Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc. The girls love to wear them with leggings. Something like the one here (shown below) would be a hit.

Tip: they like to wear them big, so size up. My older girls wear a S, but often buy hoodies in a L or even an XL!

19. Birkenstocks – click here to find them

The girls all seem to want these… they wear them with socks sometimes (which seems a bit questionable to me, but I’m not the teenager!) But hey, at least with the socks they wear them year-round so you can get your money’s worth!

20. Cross-Body Bag – click here to find it

My daughters like to have a small cross-body bag when they head out. My three older girls all have the one shown below (in different colors/patterns), but it’s no longer available. This one is very similar.


You could also get them a small monogrammed bag something like this. My girls have monogrammed bags (the ones I got them are no longer available, but the link takes you to basically the same style), and they love them!




Hunter Boots – click here to find them

These are all the rage! Girls love to wear them over their leggings or skinny jeans. They’re practical, too – great in rain, mud, and snow. I even bought myself a pair.

Find the classic style here.

Find the shiny style here (these are the ones my 16-year-old wanted).

Find some for younger girls here (these are the ones my 6-year-old has).


I hope this list has given you some inspiration! Happy Holidays, everyone!

FOR OUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY RECIPE (EASY TOFFEE!), CLICK HERE. My girls and I make a bunch of this at once and then package it to give as gifts. It freezes well, too, so you can make it ahead of time.




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