When we first moved into our house here in Pittsburgh, the master bedroom had a sitting area with a beautiful view of the lake our home faces. At this stage of my life, I don’t do a lot of sitting (I know you can relate, moms!), so we decided that having an office would be a better use of space for us. We installed some cabinetry and file drawers, added a gorgeous chandelier, and all I still needed was a piece of artwork to finish off the new office. Finally, four years later, this space is complete, thanks to the perfect piece I found at Minted! Better late than never!

Disclosure: The artwork shown here was gifted to me by Minted. I chose my own piece from thousands of options, and I couldn’t love it more! Also note that links in this post are affiliate/referral links, which means that I could be compensated if you click through my links and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Please click here for further explanation. All ideas expressed are my own. I am grateful to be able to team up with companies that I love to continue to bring you informative content and to share with you my favorite products and sites.

It’s no secret that Minted has been my go-to place for our holiday cards for the past six years and counting (I might be their #1 fan), but did you know that they also offer more than 2500 fine art prints?! They have so many options to choose from, whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or anywhere in between. Find their fine art pieces here. I seriously love this company so much. When I order something from their site, I know it’s going to be high-quality, unique, and beautiful. Click here to find a photo collage I designed years ago over at Minted. It’s still one of my favorite pieces on our wall!

See below for how I pulled our office space together and get more information about the fabulous fine art piece I chose!


After searching high and low for almost four years, I finally selected this white and green gypsophila wall art print from Minted to finish off this space. I love how it’s off-center with a lot of white to tie in the cabinetry in the room. And the contrast of the white against the yellow walls really makes the piece pop.

I chose to have my piece framed. There are many frame styles and colors to choose from.

There are also many print sizes offered – from as small as 8×8 to as large as 44×44. The artwork shown here is 30×30.

I love the ease of taking a print out of the box and hanging it right up on the wall without having to go through the process of having it framed. Ordering pieces already framed is such a time-saver!

You can also see the cabinetry and file drawers we had custom-made for this space. (If you’re local to Pittsburgh, we had a great experience using Bonura Cabinets!)

I was very impressed with how well the piece I ordered was packaged upon arrival. It arrived in mint condition and couldn’t have been more beautiful! It was also easy to remove from the packaging. Sometimes I find that things are packaged “too well” where it’s hard not to damage the item (or drive yourself crazy!) as you attempt to unwrap everything. I simply cut the white straps shown and the piece popped right out. Easy!

We brought this chandelier with us from our previous home. It was my favorite light fixture in our house, and I couldn’t bear to leave it behind. This was the only spot in our new house where it would fit, and I think it’s perfect in this bright and cheery new office space! Along with the new artwork, the chandelier is the other focal point in the room. 

With a view of the lake in front of me and my new artwork behind me, I feel so lucky to have such a pretty space where I can work and be inspired.


While I chose a more traditional piece (FIND MY PIECE HERE), Minted also offers many other styles. See below for more inspiration.

This Minnesota print was another piece I was eyeing (you can choose any state). If you have followed along for a while here, you all know that I’m a proud Minnesota girl! (Click here to find a simple DIY state canvas I made.)

I also loved this Boston, MA print. Since my husband and I met in Boston, this is a city that’s near and dear to our hearts. This simple, bold print comes in various colors.

More options for inspiration below… click on the image to find the piece!

To find Minted’s full collection of fine art prints (thousands to choose from!), click here.

I am truly so excited about the way this piece from Minted completed our space, and I hope you’ve been inspired as well! So often that perfect print on the wall is the final piece of the puzzle to really tie a room together.

And don’t forget that if you’re looking for holiday cards, birth announcements, personalized stationery, and basically all-things-paper, Minted is a fantastic site! I always look there first.


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