Ladies, this one’s for you…

'Twas the day before Christmas 
Not one gift was wrapped 
The house was a wreck
And Mama felt trapped!

As time slipped away 
The panic ensued
The husband's choice comments 
Led to a feud 

Why do you stress?
It always gets done!
He said not-so-wisely
To this certain someone 

If looks could kill
He'd no longer be here 
Didn't he know 
The big day was so near?

So she'll wrap and she'll bake
And she'll work her Mom magic  
She'll get it all done 
Or results will be tragic

Our husbands - they try
But it's just not the same
Clearly it's Mama
Who's running this game 

Hang in there, gals
We're running on fumes 
Tomorrow's the day!
Then "real life" resumes 

Somehow, someway 
It will all be complete 
When tomorrow they wake
And jump to their feet

We love all the joy
That this special day brings 
Our hard work earns us
A set of gold wings!

But let's speak the truth
This day kicks our butts
So cut us some slack
Before Mommy goes nuts

We're tired, we're beat,
Not feeling our best
And maybe we've eaten
More sweets than the rest!

Bring us some wine
Ask, "What can I do?"
That, for us girls,
Is the perfect Thank You!

When tomorrow arrives
Try to take it all in
This memory you've made
For all of your kin

For it's YOU, you're the one,
Who made it all happen
And somehow you did it
Without even crackin'!

Santa gets credit
But we know the deal 
It's MOMS everywhere 
Who make Christmas real

And if we could choose
We'd do it once more
Because anything goes
For the ones we adore!

So high-fives to us all
We ladies unite
Merry Christmas, my friends,
Very soon we'll sleep tight!!


Merry Christmas, my friends! We’ve got this!!

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