With four daughters, we do a lot of hand-me-downs around here.  Maybe that’s why I’m such a fan of personalized gifts for kids!  I know my own girls love to have a few things that are meant solely for them!

With Christmas around the corner, I have put together this list of personalized gift ideas for kids that I hope will give you some ideas.  I’m sharing this post in early November so there is plenty of time for customization, and maybe you can feel good about getting a head-start on your shopping this year, too!  (Every year I say I’m going to do that, and every year I’m scrambling as Christmas nears!  Maybe this year I will really have my act together for a change!  Wouldn’t that be nice…)

Many ideas below are gifts my girls have received or we have given ourselves through the years. Most of them can be saved as keepsakes or at least be useful for many years.  It can be so hard to come up with just the right gift year after year, so I hope this list helps your creative juices start flowing!

Happy Shopping, everybody!  As I write this, only 49 days until Christmas… (Yikes!  Just typing that makes my heart beat faster!)

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Tote Bag with Name or Initials

Medium size with zip-top shown below:  $32.50 + monogramming cost

Various colors, sizes, and styles available (with or without zip-top)

I give this gift more than any gift on the planet!!  When someone has a new baby, I typically get one of these tote bags with the baby’s name on it.  If the family is local, I often bring dinner or tuck a baked good inside the bag.  I love how the little ones don’t outgrow this gift.  My girls all had these bags (perfect when I took them to the gym nursery so the staff knew which bag was theirs!), and they still use them today!  My oldest daughter has been getting use out of her bag for more than 10 years now!

Tin Lunchboxes with Chalkboard Inside

Shown below:  Ranging between $29.95 – $39.95

Various styles available

I still have my lunchbox from when I was a kid, complete with the piece of masking tape my mom adhered with my name on it!  I remember loving that thing as much as any girl could possibly love a lunchbox!!   My girls like to play with it now.  My youngest (20 months) loves to put all kinds of things in it, and she carries it everywhere she goes.  Who knew a lunchbox could be such a great keepsake?!

Coin Banks

Shown below:  $16.95

Various styles available.  Love this twist on a piggy bank!


Shown below:  $12.95

Various styles available.  Too cute!

* Also, when I opened my email this morning, I saw that Jane (formerly Very Jane) was featuring personalized puzzles as one of their daily deals!  They were so cute.  If you’re not familiar with Jane, you sign up to receive their deals, and you can get great stuff for a huge discount!  I have ordered through their deals many, many times–things like jewelry, scarves, headbands (for me and my kids)… even my baby’s ridiculously adorable Halloween costume last year for more than 50% off!  You can’t believe all the cute stuff.  Honestly, some days I don’t even let myself open the email because I want to buy everything!!  :)  It’s a neat concept because small companies can spread the word about their products to a larger audience, and we consumers save a bunch of money along the way!  We all win!  If you’re not signed up to get the emails, it might be worth it with the holidays around the corner–you just might stumble upon some great gifts for a fraction of the cost!  My friends and I are all big fans.  :)


Personalized Ceramic Set shown below:  $118

My daughter received this as a gift, and it’s absolutely beautiful in person!  It’s available in blue and green, too.

Melamine Plate shown below:  $30

Various styles and colors available for boys and girls.  My kids have plates like this that they received as gifts, and we use them every single day!  Dishwasher safe, too.

Puzzle Letter Step Stool

Shown below:  $70

We actually have this stool in white.  We gave it to our daughter for her first birthday as described in this post with her first birthday details.  I love that we could engrave the bottom of it as well!  See the photos below for how it turned out.  I imagine our daughter having her stool as a keepsake throughout life.  Perhaps her own children will even use it one day!

The Stool We Have

Name Puzzle

Shown below:  $30

My youngest daughter received this as a gift.  It’s a wonderful gift and very well-made!  My other girls have similar ones, and they all learned how to spell their names from their personalized puzzles!

Custom Coloring Books

Shown below:  $6.95

Various styles available.

My daughter received three different coloring books like this for her birthday one time, and she thought it was so cool that her name was on everything!

Doodle Bag

Shown below:  $36

Other styles available for boys and girls.

My girls all have something like this.  They were especially handy between ages 2-5 or so when I needed to keep them busy when we were out and about.  We took them everywhere!

Sports Christmas Ornaments


Style shown below:  $16

Various styles available; some with photos on the cover.

I still have my diary from when I was a little girl, and my daughters love to jot down their thoughts in journals just like I used to do!  A perfect gift!

Custom Wall Art

Custom Art Print shown below:  Price varies by size (available framed or unframed)

Various styles and sizes available.  Some great options with photos are offered, too!

Canvas Wall Art shown below:  $79.95 & up (varies by size)

Add a name, city, state, and year to this design.  Various styles and options available for both boys and girls.

Growth Chart

Shown below:  $49 (regular price:  $59)

Various styles available.  You could also personalize with your last name, and then track everyone in the family on the same chart to compare!

Personalized Books

Name book shown below:  $34.95

Various stories and versions available.

My daughters have received the version below as gifts.  It’s a great book and a perfect keepsake!  You can also have a dedication printed on the first page.

Custom Book Featuring Child’s Photo on Each Page shown below:  $39.99

Various stories available.

Upload a photo, and the child’s face will appear throughout the book.  You can also have a dedication printed on the first page.  My girls have this book and various other versions available at Shutterfly.  The books are hilarious!  And they think it’s so fun to see themselves in print! 

* One time I was reading this Dora version to my daughter where her “character” uses Spanish, and she looked at me and said with astonishment, “I can speak Spanish?!”  My response:  “Well, in the book you can!”  Insert her grin of satisfaction here… too funny!

Personalized Letter to Santa Book shown below:  $29.95

Other wonderful keepsake books like this are available for personalization as well.

Monogrammed Hat

Hat with Ear Flaps shown below:  $43

Various sizes, colors, and personalization available for boys and girls.


Dress shown below:  $62

Various colors, styles, and personalization available.

Initial Sweater shown below:  $86

Various colors available for the sweater and the letter.  Perfect for boys or girls.

Girl’s T-Shirt shown below:  $24.95 – $34.95

Various styles and sizes available.  Lots of cute Christmas shirts, as well as personalized styles for anytime.  Love the one below.  And it was featured on The Bachelorette?!  Only my favorite show in the whole wide world.  That is quality programming, people!  How can you watch that and not be entertained?!  (My husband and even my dad are right there with me; as for my mom, she says she can’t take all the kissing:  “Barf.”)  Can’t wait for The Bachelor to come back on!!  I wonder if Juan-Pablo has found love?!  (These are the things I think about in my spare time… help me.)

Boy’s Shirt shown below:  $19.95

Various styles available for boys and girls.  I really loved a lot of the designs here!


Shown below:  Price varies with quantity.

Numerous styles available; photos are optional for many styles.

I’m a big believer in teaching my kids the importance of writing thank you notes, and it helps them get the task done when they are excited about the cards they’re using!


Bracelet shown below:  $60

Other styles available.  So sweet!

Monogram Charm Necklace shown below:  $44

Other styles available.  Love these!

Custom Blanket

Shown below:  $56

Various styles and colors available.  Tons of unique blankets at this site!

Beach Towel

Shown below:  $26.50 + monogramming

Other styles available.

My daughter received this exact towel as a gift, and she loves it.  She’s on the swim team, and it’s easy to spot this towel on the side of the pool.  If misplaced, having her name on it always helps us locate it again.  Such a fun, practical gift!  It’s always the first towel she grabs from our cabinet… her favorite for sure!

Towel Wrap

Shown below:  $49

Various styles available.

My girls have towel wraps like these, and they love to wrap up after bathing and walk around with a towel on their head so they look just like Mommy!  :)


Shown below:  $89 (regular price $99)

Various colors and styles available.

Perfect for your child’s bedroom, the playroom, or as the official “kid chair” in the family room!


Shown below:  $89 (regular price $99)

Various colors available.  My kids have these, and they are great for lounging around!

Sleeping Bag

Shown below:  $69 + monogramming cost

Various colors available for boys and girls.

My daughters each received a personalized sleeping bag like this for Christmas one year, and they have been very handy over time!  They’re perfect to take with them to sleep-overs at a friend’s house, and they even pull them out to watch movies together as they lounge here at home.

How Do You Zoo (Cutest Name Ever!) Sleeping Bag shown below:  $106

Other animals and styles available.  So adorable!

Decorative Pillow

Style shown below:  $58

Various styles and colors available for boys and girls.

My daughter received this exact pillow as a gift.  It’s a perfect accent in her room, and she drags it all over when she’s playing, too.  My friend’s son has this “boy version” (that we actually gave to him!), and he uses it as “his pillow” every night.  He even brings it on the plane to our house when they visit so he can sleep with it!

Personalized Photo Ornament

Ornament shown below:  $14.50

If you read this post about how I love bringing meaning to our Christmas tree, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of using photo ornaments!  Someday when my girls get married, I plan to give them a box of “their” ornaments for their own family tree (just as my mom did for me on the day I got married).  It will be their “life in a box” in a way.  Photo ornaments to help them remember a certain stage in life would certainly qualify as a wonderful keepsake!

The Santa Video


I hope you’re on your way to feeling more organized already with this list in your back pocket! Now I need to take my own advice and get shopping myself!!

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