Kitchen Tip: Make Sticky Substances Pop Right Out

I bake a lot, so I love this tip.  When you are working with […]

b & d Hand Trick for Place Settings

Summer is here!  And so is wedding season… we don’t go to as many […]

Keep a Medicine Chart: Never Miss a Dose Again!

Over the last three months, I’ve had kids on antibiotics five separate times–sometimes they […]

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    Decorate With Family Photos and Hang a Wall Gallery With Ease

Decorate With Family Photos and Hang a Wall Gallery With Ease

We finished some house renovations in January of 2012, just before daughter #4 was […]

Use Duct Tape to Mark Your Gear

This tip comes straight from my oldest daughter.  She’s a soccer player, and at […]

Best Ever, Hands Down! Easy DIY Gift Idea

I think this is such a fun, simple idea!  Using the wording “Best _____ […]

Press & Roll Citrus Fruits to Get More Juice

I used to watch my friend roll her orange like nobody’s business before she […]

Hang Pictures Quickly Using Toothpaste!

I am the picture-hanger in our house.  My husband can’t stand doing that kind […]

DIY 5-Minute Chalkboard Sign

Cute chalkboard signs are everywhere these days!  I have admired them for so long […]

Store Knives Sharp Edge Up to Prevent Dulling

If you store your knives in the original wood block they came in (like […]

Bake in Cans for Cute Gifts

I have always been obsessed with reusing things–and since I started this blog, my […]

Easy DIY Canvas

My girls and I worked on this project one rainy Sunday, and it only […]