Use Duct Tape to Mark Your Gear

By |May 12, 2013|

This tip comes straight from my oldest daughter.  She’s a soccer player, and at her practices there are 50+ girls who all have water […]

Best Ever, Hands Down! Easy DIY Gift Idea

By |May 6, 2013|

I think this is such a fun, simple idea!  Using the wording “Best _____ Ever… Hands Down!” works for anybody!  I actually made this […]

Press & Roll Citrus Fruits to Get More Juice

By |May 3, 2013|

I used to watch my friend roll her orange like nobody’s business before she would peel or cut it.  I finally asked her what […]

Hang Pictures Quickly Using Toothpaste!

By |April 28, 2013|

I am the picture-hanger in our house.  My husband can’t stand doing that kind of thing–he really just doesn’t have the patience or the […]

DIY 5-Minute Chalkboard Sign

By |April 20, 2013|

Cute chalkboard signs are everywhere these days!  I have admired them for so long in friends’ holiday cards, birth announcements, invitations, and in pictures […]

Store Knives Sharp Edge Up to Prevent Dulling

By |April 12, 2013|

If you store your knives in the original wood block they came in (like I do), you are probably dulling your knives inadvertently!  My […]

Bake in Cans for Cute Gifts

By |April 5, 2013|

I have always been obsessed with reusing things–and since I started this blog, my desire to find new purposes for basic items has gone […]

Easy DIY Canvas

By |April 4, 2013|

My girls and I worked on this project one rainy Sunday, and it only took us a few hours to complete it!  I really […]

Simple Fireplace Update

By |March 22, 2013|

Welcome to “Fast Tip Friday!”  I came up with that snazzy little name all by myself.  :)  For those of you who have been […]

Easy Polka Dot Cake & Cupcakes

By |March 22, 2013|

This little cake and cupcakes were so easy, but they look pretty darn impressive, if I do say so myself!  :)  I whipped them […]

100+ Ideas to Help Organize Your Home and Your Life

By |January 19, 2013|

I love to organize!!

Okay, that may be overstating things a bit.

Let’s rephrase:  I love to be organized.

I think all of us love to be […]

Easiest Way to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

By |December 2, 2012|

This is my favorite (and easiest!) way to decorate the outside of our house for the holidays–and no lights or timers are needed!  All […]

Thanksgiving Rolls With a Note Inside

By |November 14, 2012|

Can I just say that I LOVE this idea!!  It’s such a simple way to bring some meaning into your Thanksgiving meal.  I got […]

Simple Greek Yogurt Chocolate Muffins

By |October 15, 2012|

Is it a muffin?  Is it a brownie?  Is it chocolate cake?  I would say “yes” to all of the above!  And Greek yogurt […]

Trim Out a Sheet Mirror

By |October 15, 2012|

Just wanted to share a quick idea with all of you today… instead of using a stand-alone mirror that takes up space in a […]

Hooks Instead of a Towel Bar: So Much Neater!

By |October 9, 2012|

We recently did some renovating, and when it came time to do the finishing touches in the two bathrooms our girls share, we decided […]