Cute chalkboard signs are everywhere these days!  I have admired them for so long in friends’ holiday cards, birth announcements, invitations, and in pictures all over Pinterest, but I have never had one myself.  They are so handy–you can use them to write a note (“Happy Mother’s Day!”, “Thank You!”, “I Love You!”, etc.); write the year for a Christmas card; indicate your child’s age (as shown here); have your child hold it with the date on the first day of school (and the last day of school and see how he/she has changed!); write “Please Come!” for an invitation; “Save the Date” for a wedding; and so on… so many ways to create a special photo!

Chalkboards are particularly handy when you want to use a photo for a personalized card.  You could upload the picture to a site like Minted, Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Wishing Tree Designs, Cardstore, etc. and create a quick personalized card, thank you note, invitation, and so forth… I’m a huge fan of creating photo cards–I think everyone loves receiving one in the mail!  (It’s pretty shocking that I have never had a chalkboard until now when I really think about it!  I used to make a quick sign on cardstock and have my kids hold it–but it’s a lot easier for a baby to wreck a paper card by crumpling it or eating it than it is for them to trash a wooden sign!!)

If you are inspired to get one of these handy little signs at this point (you can use it again and again–it’s perfect for a party, too… write “Welcome!” or jot down the menu perhaps…), see below for how easy it is to make one yourself.  Did you know that all you have to do is find a piece of wood and paint it with chalkboard paint?!  Seriously, that’s it.  Even you non-crafters (Mom, that’s you!) could make one in five minutes.  I bought my cute board at my local craft store (Michael’s) for next to nothing and then painted it–I only used one coat of paint (although I put it on pretty thick–I wanted to knock that thing out in one step!), and that was it!

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I bought this wooden board, but any piece of wood will do.  I picked up this paint by Martha Stewart because it’s what Michael’s carried, but I know there is also the spray-paint type.  (I love spray-paint, but sometimes it’s a little drippy for my liking.)

I honestly had no idea I had gotten this grayish color.  I was in a hurry at the store, and I grabbed the first thing that said “chalkboard paint” on it.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t black until I started painting, and even then, I was thinking, “Wow, this stuff must really darken up as it dries.”  Duh.  My first go-around with chalkboard paint obviously!  Note to self:  it comes in various colors.  I actually ended up really liking this color, though, so it’s all good!

I used one of those black foam brushes to paint it on–it seriously took me a few minutes and then I just had to let it dry.  Absurdly easy.

Ta-da!  Now I have my very own chalkboard sign!  (Oh boy… just think of the possibilities, people!!)

The tiny piece of string did fall right off when I went to use it–I ended up just using some duct-tape to adhere a cute ribbon to the back, and then I hung it up on the basket… just as cute (if not cuter!) with the ribbon!  Although as soon as my daughter realized the sign was there, all she wanted to do was hold it!  (See, if I had used cardstock {my former method}, she would have ruined that thing in 10 seconds flat!) :)

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I still have an almost-full container of chalkboard paint, so I might try painting some glass jars next and use chalk to label them… I’ll let you know how it goes!

What projects have you made with chalkboard paint?

I hope this Friday Fast Tip was helpful!  (Check back every Friday for a quick tip or idea!)

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