Welcome to “Fast Tip Friday!”  I came up with that snazzy little name all by myself.  :)  For those of you who have been following my blog, you are well aware of the fact that I am very thorough, for better or worse!!  I don’t know that I have it in me to write a short post.

Enter:  Friday Fast Tips!

I’ve decided to start a series on Fridays where I will share a quick tip with all of you.  We’ll see if I can find a way to keep it short, with just one or two pictures.  (This may be a challenge for me, people!!)  I’m hoping it will allow me to get more ideas out to all of you without each post being a novel.  :)

Don’t forget to check back on Fridays to see what the latest tip will be!  I’m hopeful each one will be helpful to you in some way.


Quick Fireplace Update

Look at this dramatic change!!  My friend was so smart to do this to their family’s fireplace in their new home.  They simply painted the brick and added the mantle.  They also updated the brass trim on the glass doors by spray-painting it with black, fire-resistant paint.  She said that saved them $1000 since they didn’t have to purchase new doors.  What a difference!

So bright and airy!  I love what they did!!  Such a quick, cost-efficient way to freshen up the look of their rather tired fireplace.


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What quick changes can you make in your house that will make all the difference?

Thanks for reading my first “Friday Fast Tip!”  I look forward to sharing more ideas with all of you every Friday!

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