Is it a muffin?  Is it a brownie?  Is it chocolate cake?  I would say “yes” to all of the above!  And Greek yogurt replaces the oil, too?!  Sign me up!  Not to mention these are about the easiest things to make ever. Even those of you who hate to bake can whip these up in a snap.

I tried making these chocolate muffins a few months back, and we have been baking them like crazy ever since.  So simple I really don’t even need to write up the recipe for you.  These come from a BOX.  Yep. No one will ever know–I won’t tell if you won’t!  :)

These muffins are a great grab-and-go sweet treat (think kids’ lunches), but they also make a delicious dessert.  We love to eat them right out of the oven warm with vanilla ice cream.  (We always buy Edy’s Slow Churned with half the fat.  Have you tried that stuff?!  YUM!!  We normally have about 6 different flavors in our freezer at once, no joke.)  If the muffins are no longer warm, I just pop them in the microwave to warm them back up, add some light ice cream, and voila!  A sweet treat that isn’t terribly sinful.  No frosting, no oil, no guilt!  (okay maybe a little guilt–but a reduced amount of it anyhow!)  :)


Start with this box below:  Krusteaz Double Chocolate Muffin Mix.

Simply follow the directions on the back of the box.  Although instead of using oil, use an equal amount of Greek yogurt.  I used vanilla since we had it on hand, but plain would also work.  Or feel free to use whatever flavor you may have–it will probably turn out just fine.

* Side note:  When baking from a box, you can always replace the oil with an equal amount of Greek yogurt or applesauce.  I do it all the time.  I never, ever bake a cake with oil in it anymore.  You will honestly not be able to tell the difference, especially in a cake.  Promise.

After mixing by hand until just combined (do not over-mix when baking muffins), scoop batter into a muffin pan.  You can either lightly grease the pan (per the instructions on the box) or use paper liners.

* When I scoop any kind of batter, I always use an ice cream scoop with a trigger.  I love how there is less mess, and each muffin or cookie ends up about the same size.  I have these in various sizes–they are the best!  When you use them when baking cookies, your cookies will come out perfectly round, too.  You will look like a professional!  :)

I almost always make mini-muffins when baking.  The kids love little bites–and let’s be honest, so do the grownups!  Just be sure to keep an eye on them–mini-muffins bake much more quickly then larger muffins do.

Fresh out of the oven!  They are done when they bounce back when you touch them lightly.  Again, keep an eye on them–they may bake faster than expected.

* The mini-muffins pictured below may seem bigger than the way yours turn out.  I just used all the batter for my 24-muffin pan.  (The recipe on the box shows a yield of 30 mini-muffins.)

Below you can see how we eat them like warm chocolate spoon cake with vanilla ice cream–yum!

I hope you like them!  So easy and so good.  :)

What’s your favorite out-of-the-box sweet treat?

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