Easy DIY Photo Invitation & Thank You Note

By |March 5, 2013|

I love to create my own invitations.  I actually used to have a hand-designed stationery business where I used my own handwriting as the […]

First Birthday Photos at the Beach!

By |February 25, 2013|

When my youngest daughter’s birthday was approaching, we happened to be at the beach for a few days–lucky timing for me!  I think there […]

EXPIRED!!!!! MyFling Handmade Jewelry $50 Giveaway!

By |February 15, 2013|

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!  Leplady, who left the 46th comment, wins!!  See the screenshot down below.  And to everyone else:  Lisa is offering free […]

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    Baby Name Reveal Scavenger Hunt – Create a Special Memory!

Baby Name Reveal Scavenger Hunt – Create a Special Memory!

By |February 13, 2013|

I love “moments”, and I’m always afraid one will sneak past me before I can truly savor it. So when we were having our […]

Melt in your Mouth Butter Cookies

By |February 8, 2013|

These cookies melt in your mouth… I think it’s the powdered sugar that goes into the dough.  And if only you could smell the […]

Photo Fun Valentine

By |February 4, 2013|

Kids love Valentine’s Day!  If you have children, I’m sure they are already getting fired up for February 14th!  And who can blame them–parties […]

Gift Ideas for the One You Love

By |January 27, 2013|

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it!  If you are starting to think about a gift for that special someone, I have […]

100+ Ideas to Help Organize Your Home and Your Life

By |January 19, 2013|

I love to organize!!

Okay, that may be overstating things a bit.

Let’s rephrase:  I love to be organized.

I think all of us love to be […]

Little Jar of Happiness: Choose to Be Happy in 2013!

By |December 30, 2012|

“Choose to be happy.”

That is something we say all the time in our house.  To some degree, we believe that happiness is a choice. […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

By |December 26, 2012|

The year 2013 is almost here!  I love this time of year when everyone gets to regroup after a busy holiday, reflect on events […]

Reindeer Food: Perfect Class Project or Party Favor

By |December 19, 2012|

Spreading reindeer food, along with leaving cookies for Santa, has become a tradition for our family on Christmas Eve.  I had never even heard […]

Toffee: So Easy & So Good!

By |December 15, 2012|

This has been my go-to treat around the holidays for years. I bring it to cookie exchanges and give it as gifts. It flies […]

17 Ways Your Ornaments Can Bring Meaning to Your Tree

By |December 11, 2012|

The night before I got married, my mom handed me a present and told me to open it the next morning. So as the […]

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    Giveaway: The Orange Shoes. EXPIRED!!!! WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW! :)

Giveaway: The Orange Shoes. EXPIRED!!!! WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW! :)

By |December 4, 2012|

As you can see below, the numbers 10 & 20 were generated.

Congrats to alishalfitz and mfothergill who left the 10th and 20th comment!  I […]

Easiest Way to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

By |December 2, 2012|

This is my favorite (and easiest!) way to decorate the outside of our house for the holidays–and no lights or timers are needed!  All […]

Mistletoes Plate: Perfect for Baby’s First Christmas!

By |November 29, 2012|

My youngest daughter is celebrating her first Christmas this year.  (That’s her sitting in the wreath… we think she’s pretty cute!)  I am big […]