It seems like a lot of people around me are turning 40 these days. (Not me quite yet – soon enough!) Last year when one friend was turning 40, she really was having a hard time with it. Our thirties seem to go particularly fast as so many of us are having babies and chasing kids around – and then, boom – hello 40! How did that happen?!

While I did give my friend a heartfelt gift along with a note to remind her of all there was to celebrate, I first gave her this as a 40th birthday gag gift (without being too harsh since I knew she was less than thrilled about this milestone). It was a good way to make her laugh and poke fun at the whole thing. Because really, aging does kind of suck. No getting around it. Wouldn’t we all love to live forever – and in the body of a 25-year-old?!

But since that’s not going to happen, we might as well enjoy a little chuckle and embrace all that 40 has to offer – perspective, maturity, confidence, knowledge, etc. My mom always told me that her forties were some of the best years of her life. So when I turn 40 soon, I’m going to hang on to that thought! :) Maybe that day will even go into our Happy Jar!

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I printed up a tag for my jar of suckers. Find the one I made here for easy printing (I also included 3 other versions for you to choose from). You could use “40 Blows” as well, and fill a mason jar with blow-pops, too.

Using an X-acto knife, I cut a slit on each side of the tag.

Tip: Place a catalog underneath your tag so you don’t slice the table as the blade cuts through the paper.

40 Sucks_Cut Slits for Ribbon

You can see the slits I cut below. I then slid a piece of ribbon through and secured it on one side with tape.

40 Sucks_Wrap Ribbon Through Slits

I then added the tag to the jar by wrapping the ribbon around it, and then I secured the tape on the other side. You may need to slide the tag up in order to reach to add the tape, and then slide it back down again.

40 Sucks_Close up of Label

Want to use a label like mine? Find the sheet below here for easy (free!) printing. I printed my sheet on white cardstock and then cut the tag down to size.

40 Sucks_Free Printables


Invitations: Find birthday adult party invitations here and even more beautiful invitations here. (Those links take you to my two favorite sites for holiday cards as well, as I describe here in this post!!)

Party Supplies: Find 40th birthday party supplies here.

Classy Party Decor: Find gorgeous party decor here.

Centerpiece: Use this jar here as shown and tie some balloons to it! Voila! A perfect centerpiece! :)


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