This past summer, I went through everything we owned before we moved.

Not my most thrilling summer.

But it really was good to go through ALL THAT STUFF – we had accumulated so much during our 15 years in that house!

One little prize that I came across was this short story. I felt like a proud mom as I read the words I had written as a young girl. Judging by my handwriting, I must have been about 8 years old when I wrote this.

As Easter approaches, I thought this was the perfect time to share this tiny piece of my past… I hope you enjoy reading it.

Easter at ISeeMe

The Black Bunny

by Christy (a young Harvard Homemaker) ~ age 8. Written exactly as I wrote it back then.

There once lived a black bunny named Blackie. He wanted to be an Easter bunny. He went to the King of the Easter Bunnies to see if he could become one. The king said he couldn’t become one because of his color.

Blackie asked, “What’s wrong with my color?”

The king answered, “It isn’t an Easter color.”

Blackie went home and painted himself light blue. He went back to the king and asked again. The king didn’t know who it was and said he could become one.

After Blackie was the Easter Bunny for 1 year, he told the king who he was. The king was very surprised!

Blackie said it doesn’t matter what color you are as long as you do the job right. You liked me when I was blue, didn’t you?

The king answered, “Yes.”

Blackie washed off all the blue paint and was a black Easter bunny from then on.


Here’s the story I found…

The Black Bunny_A Children's Story

Check out how I wrote it on a wheel that spun – pretty cool! Must have been a creative idea by my teacher.

The Black Bunny_Write Text in a Circle

Love seeing my “signature” at this age! How have 30+ years gone by?! And how do I have kids older than this now??

The Black Bunny_My Young Signature

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope this little story made you smile.

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