Can I just say that I LOVE this idea!!  It’s such a simple way to bring some meaning into your Thanksgiving meal.  I got the idea for this post when I saw it on Pinterest here.  So smart!  :)

Have each person write a word or two telling what they are thankful for, and then you can roll up their note inside the dough and bake.  Then during dinner, everybody can open their roll and read the note inside.  You can have some fun trying to guess which note belongs to each family member.  This is something kids can enjoy, too.  What a creative way to bring your family together and give thanks for all your blessings.  I LOVE IT!


To start, I cut some parchment paper into strips.  (I was a little worried about using regular paper–I thought it might stick to the dough, and I was also afraid it could somehow catch on fire?!  There was probably no danger of that since the paper is inside the dough, but I thought I’d play it safe.  I honestly sat there thinking, “Well, I use paper liners for cupcakes and those don’t start on fire… are those made from special paper?  I have no idea…”  That was the conversation I had with myself in my head.  :)  For the record, the parchment paper worked great and didn’t even stick at all!  And it says right on the package:  safe for use in oven.  That’s the reassurance I needed!)

UPDATE:  I have tried this again since I wrote this post.  You can also use regular paper, and then wrap it up inside wax paper!  Worked like a charm since the wax paper keeps it from sticking to the bread!

The slips of paper were curling and a little hard to write on (especially for the kids), so I cut some paper into rectangles and then taped one edge of each strip onto a rectangle.  That kept the paper in place.  We used a Sharpie to make sure the word stayed put.  You could have these rectangles with parchment paper taped on them set out when your Thanksgiving guests arrive, and ask each person to write their note.  Then you just need to snip the parchment paper from the rectangle with a scissors and tuck it in the roll!

Awww… one of my girls is thankful for her sisters.  :)

I used Pillsbury crescent rolls and wrapped them loosely.  (Is it just me, or do you love popping open those cans with a spoon?!)

Just bake and serve!  I can’t tell you how fun our girls thought this was when we gave it a test run at dinner tonight.  Smiles all around the table!  Below is my five-year-old’s note.  She was so excited when her sister ended up with it–too cute!  I look forward to making this a Thanksgiving tradition in our house!

How do you bring meaning into your Thanksgiving meal?

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