We recently did some renovating, and when it came time to do the finishing touches in the two bathrooms our girls share, we decided to use hooks instead of a towel bar.  Not only that, but we made sure the hooks hung low enough so the girls could actually reach them.  What a difference!

Our daughters couldn’t even reach the towel bar before our renovation.  They’d attempt to throw the towel up on the bar, and if they got lucky, it might stay put–for a while anyhow.  Typically the towels ended up in a heap on the floor, with no chance of drying.  This meant that they’d constantly grab a clean towel each time they bathed, and I was doing laundry up the wazoo.  This system was clearly not working!

Now that we have hooks everywhere–at their height–our bathrooms are so much neater.  They can easily hang four towels instead of one or two on the bars.  The towels dry completely so the girls can use them again and again.  And perhaps most importantly, we are teaching our daughters to be more responsible as they are now in charge of making sure their towel ends up on the appropriate hook.  We even installed hooks by the sinks for the hand towels.  The girls used to pull their hand towel right off the ring and then they’d struggle to hang it up again.  Now it takes them a nanosecond to whip the towel right back up on the hook.  I love it!  Why didn’t we do this sooner?!

What small changes have you made in your home that made a big difference?

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